Ken Fraleigh Ministries

 Ken Fraleigh Ministries

An Anointed Church without walls.  

Come join us as we share the Gospel of Grace. 

That is the person Jesus Christ 


Welcome to Ken Fraleigh Ministries

Who is Ken Fraleigh?

I am a Highly Favored and Loved Child of God. I have been saved and all my sins remembered No More "through the Finished Work of Jesus Christ."

Ken Fraleigh Ministries is not a tax exempt organization. 100 percent of the ministry funds goes towards servicing the purposes of Jesus with no exceptions. No, there are no paychecks paid out of the funds. My self and others within the ministry have been called  by our Lord to share the teachings and unconditional love of Jesus Christ. I thank God for choosing me to be apart of this calling. I have had the opportunity to meet many brothers and sisters throughout the country, now I find myself fellowshiping, breaking bread and anointing with oil. WOW, What an honor! All Glory is yours Christ Jesus!!! Praise God!!!

Matthew 25:40

I tell you the truth, when you did it to one of the least of these my brothers and sisters, you were doing it to me!

Sunday at the Park  


I thank you LORD for putting it in my heart to assist those in need. I thank you for providing the words to speak (your words) and the love in my heart to carry on in this ministry of Christ Jesus.



LORD, I thank you for being PROVISION, HEALING, MERCY AND GRACE in my life and all I do.


LORD, I thank you for putting such great friends and family in my path and in my life to motivate me; to getting out there no matter what.

I needed the push.

I pray LORD that you touch all I do in my life and all those I assist. This I say in Jesus mighty name.




Homeless Ministry

Matthew 25:40


This is an exciting time for us in the ministry, as we step forward and take the next leap of faith. I would like to invite you to join me in reaching out to our brothers and sisters in need. I call on my fellow Pastors, Leaders, and ALL of my Brothers and Sisters; to provide the names of those in your communities who need assistance. We will help you, help them. We will work together.

This project is in the beginning phase and will progress expeditiously, so let's get together with the needed information and move forward in Jesus mighty name.

I thank you for your time and all the assistance you will provide.

Praising Jesus in all we do.

Pastor Ken

Lord, Thank You for the blessing "Ken Fraleigh Ministries". Guided by your hand, the ministry is now growing and encompusing a larger area. I Praise you LORD!

Your Mercy, Grace, guiding hand and direction, have strengthened us to tend to our brothers and sisters. We continue to share your living word and teachings and many have taken roles in cooking and serving meals at local parks, homes and we are delivering meals (breakfast, lunch and dinner bags with can openers and clothing items) as well as other blessings that you have provided. Father, the homeless in so many areas are giving you all thanks and praise. LORD, Thank you for blessing the ministry and all your children with the ability to minister and keep everything operating smoothly. Our  "Meals in the Park" program is doing very well. We have so many brothers and sisters show up, AMEN! We have met so many new friends and new brothers and sisters, Lord, all we can do is Praise you.  

LORD I saw true emotion on both sides of the ministry. I saw a woman who needed food and was willing to step out in from of moving vehicles with a small sign asking for food.  I saw the emotions in the faces of your ministry children, the tears in their eyes as people turned their heads away from her as if she was not there.  LORD, I saw the pregnant woman stranded on a corner and even a veteran that was beat up and left with nothing but a piece of cardboard. 

As sure as the words Jesus spoke over us, I know you will provide the means to take care of the brothers and sisters I come across. 

Father  , I pray in Jesus name that you touch the hearts of all those we come across needing help to not be afraid to accept it. 



 Brothers and sisters

If the Lord has put it in your heart to help out, don't hesitate to contact us (see form in left column). If you would like to help out financially, we do accept Blessings/Offerings to help feed and assist our poverty stricken brothers and sisters. It is your Blessings that provide food, clothing and supplies to the families that require our assistance and love.  

God Bless You.  



Ken Fraleigh Ministries Does NOT priovide all of the meals served at our fellowship gatherings, but if you are hungry, want to help or just need to talk; please come on out. 

We give all thanks to our Lord Jesus Christ.

I hope to see you there. 

Needed Items:

Maybe you or someone you know would like to help support the call to serve by providing needed items.  

We are always in need of food items, disposable plates, plastic utensils, napkins, sleeping bags, tents and clothing items. If you would like to help, please send us a message on the form below. When we receive your message, we will contact you to discuss how you may be able to assist. 



I want to help
I would like to help the ministry in it's calling to serve the Lord. Please contact me so I may assist.


May the Lord Bless You and keep you safe in your walk with Jesus. Thank You for allowing us to Praise and Serve the Lord with you.

Pastor Ken

Praisinig Jesus in All we do.